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Auto Repuestos Universal Importaciones started its commercial activities in 1985 at Av. Los Andes and El Rey at the head of Mr. Luis Bassantes and his wife, Mrs. Maria Quingatuña, with few resources.

But very eager to excel in the business and personal field putting into practice all their knowledge acquired in the commercial field.

With the passage of time a capital is consolidated and with an excellent vision is bought the premises located at El Rey and Quispicacha Avenue that with the passage of time would be the main vein of spare parts in the city.

With the passage of time the company is growing and occupying an important position in the local market, this allows it to generate sources of work and consolidate itself at the regional level (Tungurahua Chimborazo Cotopaxi)

In 1998 it undertakes a new challenge towards the world of foreign trade, making its first importation, allying itself with an important company of the city, which is why it is necessary to hire sales executives to arrive with their products in the national market, this also oblige him to improve his infrastructure and to hire logistic and administrative personnel for a correct operation in the offices at national level.

In 2005 it was decided to extend the coverage with the installation of a warehouse in the city of Quito located strategically in the north of town counting on a large stock in engine parts suspension brakes and clutches.

In 2012, in a bold negotiation, we bought the premises attached to where we were already installed expanding the premises of the King's Avenue as it is now known, in addition to increasing the brass line to provide a better service.

This is how we come to the present with an optimum team in each of the areas and with the desire to continue to serve them in the best way working day by day with the illusion of continuing to grow together.


Auto Repuestos Universal Importaciones contributes to the society through the import and commercialization of automotive parts for the majority of brands of the Ecuadorian automotive sector, distributing nationally high quality products in the best brands for different assembly lines.

This contributes to the economic growth of the region and to its social development.


We seek to be identified as a strategic partner for our diversity of products according to the markets where we operate and in the same way consolidate ourselves as one of the best companies in the automotive sector nationwide.

corporate values


We generate security and trust, offering the best brands of spare parts and quality, as well as personalized attention and advice.


Our quality products make the difference, strategic allies that allow us to maintain leadership in the market.


Committed to having products and services that meet the needs of our customers throughout Ecuador.


We are a company with a high corporate social responsibility which, over the years, has made us a national referent offering a diversified range of qualified products with the highest standards of quality, technology and guarantee; In addition our social responsibility to the community and our clients commits us to achieve commercial success while always maintaining ethical and moral values.

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